I’m terrible at introducing myself.  Recently at a business meeting I introduced myself as.  “Hello, I’m Amy.  Um, I work here..?”

I’ve never felt defined my job, but perhaps I haven’t found the right one yet.  Work to live, don’t live to work.  Am I right?

So for the purposes of introduction, I’ll try again to give you the gist of Amy Beth.

Hello, I’m Amy.

I like to write, and tell stories.  I like to read about other people’s journeys.  I like to take pictures of the things that bring me joy.

I like fitness, music and art in equal measure.  I like to experiment with style with a buy less, wear more mentality.  Fitness and the outdoors keeps me strong, and keeps me sane.  Music puts into words and sounds things I can only feel and (sometimes) when I put my headphones in I like to pretend I am in a music video.  I believe fear is the killer of creativity, and the monotony of routine is the source of unhappiness.

  I am curious and energetic, social and independent.  I love the comfort of home but I am always longing for the excitement of somewhere new.

Last year I turned thirty and with the birthday milestone also came itchy feet.  I’ve been hit with a serious case of something I like to call Eat, Pray, Love Syndrome.  I hear it’s fatal.  I also sometimes refer to it as my third life crisis.  So anyway I started this blog as a means of self expression, to share my travels and (mis)adventures.


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